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Getting Ready for season 2

yesterday and today I finished up preparing the audio kits for the next season of GoS2.

I'll be using a sound devices 664 for my primary kit filled with 2 lectrosonics srb, 2 lectrosonics 411 and lectrosonics ifbs and camera hops.

Kit 2 is a zoom f8 with a 411, LR, and 201, all matching blocks with kit 1. I'll be syncing kit2 with a denecke sb3.

Denecke ts3 will be used to slate the security feeds during investigations.

Tentacle sync boxes on the cameras with LR or 201 receivers depending on the action.

Lavs will be sanken cos11, tram tr50, countryman b3

Ktek Articulating boom pole with orca quick release with sennheiser mkh416, sanken cs1, sennheiser mkh 50.

Neopax ankle wraps, bumblebee industries wind bubbles 

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