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Check out the new short film Delicious, Produced in collaboration with Fear Crypt and End Eternal Productions. Was a lot of fun working with this cast and crew, and 1st time Director Brittany Snyman.


Equipment used provided by Sound Kall:

Production Audio Kit (Sound Devices 664, 5 lectrosonics SM, Sanken Cos11, Sennheiser 416, Ktek boom, Denecke TS3 slate, Tentacle sync box)

Lighting Kit (Litepanels Gemini, Litepanels Astra bicolor, Cstands, combo stand, backdrop to black out windows)

A bit about the production sound work...

One man Band- Sanken Lav mics on all cast in ties, apron and attached to actor, supported with boom work on shots that allowed, plant mic in the chandelier above the table with cardiod mic. Camera that was used was the new Black Magic pocket camera, this allowed us to jam the camera with the tentacle sync box into the audio in which turns it into TC in the camera, TC slate as safety.

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