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Well it has been a bit since I did some site maintenance and it is due. I've been very busy working on many amazing productions and if you've been watching you may have even caught me on tv a few times hard at work mixing. During this Pandemic I am back home and staying safe. I am in quarantine since 3/18/20 and will be following the local guidelines for safety. While doing so a re-design of this site has been underway, as well as taking some courses on Dante Audio Networking, Networking in general and completing some audio and AV related certifications. Recently I upgraded my recorder to the new Sound Devices 888 and can record 16 ISO tracks via dante direct into the recorder or into protools and am looking for some new creative ways to record live performances with my 5.1 mic, and stereo shotgun. I've also begun learning live streaming applications such as LiveU and Facebook live and will be expanding services including podcasting and live-streaming of events. I've also begun working more as a camera operator. I now own a FS7 package complete with the external TC/Raw back. If you are looking for a way to reduce crew on set to protect the social distancing rules while the pandemic sustains please reach out and see how I can help you in many more ways than just audio, its very helpful to have a professional audio engineer that can man a second camera and assist with lighting and grip. Hiring from a one stop shop like mine will keep the number of people working with the gear to a minimum and help keep your set safe. I hope we can keep working together and make amazing content.

....I forgot, I made some new designs for shirts and am selling them online check them out.

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