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Tune in this week April 18th for the Season 3 Premiere of Stone House Revival on DIY Network 9pm

I'm still working on the site redesign but wanted to share this premiere. It was a great season working with everyone thanks Jeff, the Stephens, Ed, Patrick, Zuza, Anna, Jill, Amy, Alexis, Carrie, Denise, Steph, Ryan, JP, Erik, Jimmy, and everyone else involved it was a such a fun season to work on I think that it was the best yet and hope that we can do it again.

SoundKall Equipment used this season


Orca Cart, OR-34, Sound Devices 663, 2x SRC A1, 3x LR A1, SMV block 20, 2x LT A1, LMb, 2x 411 block 25, 2 UM400 block 25, Lectrosonics T4 block 20, 4x r1a Block 20, 5x Sanken Cos11, 2 TR50, Sennheiser 416, Audiotechnica 4073, Ktek boompole, IDX L7s


Hilio D12, 3x Astra 4x bicolor with soft boxes, diffusion, and grids, 3x arri 150, roadrags flag kit, 2 apple box families, grip kit, C-stands, combo stand, Sun bounce, 5 in one bounce


Osmo Z axis

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